Dirt to $ Cropping Challenge 2018

Year 2  – The Barley Rotation

History of the Competition

The idea for Southern DIRT to hold WA’s first Cropping Competition was introduced by a Board Member who had been to visit the Birchip Cropping Group in the Wimmera and Mallee regions of Victoria. The Birchip Cropping Group are the founders of the competition.

In 2013 Southern Dirt hosted the first WA cropping challenge which was located in Kojonup. The DIRT to $ Cropping Challenge ran over a three year period with a rotation of wheat in the first  season, wheat in the 2013 season and barley in the 2015 season.  Categories that won were the Highest Yield and Best Nett Profit and, after the first year, overall Cumulative Total Gross Margin

The aim of the challenge was to create a fun and educational environment where Growers could compete against their peers and industry professionals in growing a successful crop and learn from the experience. It also gives the teams the chance to experiment with new/different products. One of the most valuable learning experiences come from the discussion about tactics, theories, products and, ideas that each team will use.

The 2017-2019 Competition

From 2017 the Southern DIRT team will manage the competition and we have Kaylx managing the site. The site will be located in Katanning on the Great Southern Highway and will be highly visible from the road.

Teams can have as many members as they would like, however Teams must nominate a Captain who will submit agronomy and grain marketing decisions to the DIRT to $ Cropping Challenge managers who will co-ordinate implementation.
The crop rotations for the following three years will be as follows:

2017: Canola           2018: Barley           2019: Wheat

Gala Dinners

At the end of each season there will be a gala dinner for teams where the winners will be announced. Southern DIRT members, sponsors and media personnel will be invited to attend.